Thursday, March 1, 2007

Let the games begin!!

Hello Punks,
It is now March 1st - Let the games begin!! If you have not already received your pal, please drop me an e-mail. They have all been sent out! I had some help getting them all out last night - so if something is mispelled, you can't find a blog or your e-mail bounced back let me know that too! Now its time for you to contact your pals and start to get to know them. A few guidelines - treat your pal like you would like to be treated, answer e-mails in a timely fashion and be nice - it may get you better gifties!!

So, the first contest.... Here are the rules.... Everyone who posts for this contest will be eligable for the prize, it will be drawn out of a hat on the 17th of March by mr.sunneshine. All entries have to be in by March 15th. You do not have to do the contest if you don't feel like it, its just an extra little fun feature to set this exchange apart from other exchanges and maybe win some free loot!!

The contest is -- What is the PUNK-EST thing that you have every knit or crochet? Explain what makes it the punk-est thing that you have ever knit/crochet and if possible, show us the item (the photo part is encouraged but not required). Be as creative as you'd like.... I am so excited to see what everyone has to say and show and what punk means to you all..... And the best part is that there are no wrong answers....

The prize is -- In the spirit of my entry and that this the punk rock gift exchange, four balls of Rowan R2 rag in black, a black and white tote bag with a skull and crossbones in studs across the front and a set of 6 stitch markers with skulls on them from my etsy store (shameless plug). You can see it all together in the not so great photograph.

Go, be good to your pals, if you have questions/problems let me know sooner rather then later, and lets see what all you punks are made of!


Cheryl said...

Wow taht is some cool stuff

DAWN said...

Oooo, good loot.


I agree! Awesome gifties. :)

Do we have buttons? I think I remember there were buttons for the first PRGE, where can I find those?