Monday, March 26, 2007

The other half post...

Thanks Una!! Here is the photo of my awesome PRGE package!! There are two pounds - yes a full 32 oz of pectin Jelly Beans!! They are sooo good - I had to take them on my trip with me, to make sure that there would be some left when I got home!! These are my favorites - mmmmm. And two skeins of patagonia organic cotton in a beautiful colorway that I had never seen before! Its totally my colors in the greens, browns and blues -- now which project to start with it.... And a cute card with a sugar buzz badge to warn others when I will be bouncing off the walls!! Thanks Una for a great package!!


DAWN said...

That Patagonia cotton is really cool--it knits up nice. If you make wash cloths like me be careful, the yarn does shed a bit. Wow, those are some jelly beans!!

Obsidian Kitten said...

omg, i'm getting a contact high just looking at those beans! heehee

that colorway reminds me of the Fleece Artist yarn i used for the Razor Cami i made (altho that had more brown in it i think) -- what gorgeous colors with the sages and greens

i love the blog where everyone is posting their received pkgs, it's so cool to see what everyone gets!