Wednesday, March 21, 2007


My first package arrived today and I want to thank that person soooo much for such wonderful gifting! My picture doesn't do it justice so I'll tell you what was in it; a Pick Up Sticks felted Tulip kit ( I already had the daffodil so it now has company!!) a pretty photo bracelet kit which I look forward to constructing (with Swarovski crystals - pretty, pretty, pretty)the very much needed chibi needle set (great for when I'm on my travels) a pretty pin cushion and some "I'm not a stalker" sweets! The card really is so lovely too. Thank you again secret friend.


DAWN said...

Really nice package--is that a handmade pin cushion? very cool.

LesleyD said...

Wow!! I love those kits!! My pal from the last round sent me one. They are really fun!
That is a cool package too! I hope my pal likes theirs.

Alison said...

The pin cushion? Yes it is handmade & has my initials on it. Now how special is that? I think my SP is the best one in the exchange!