Friday, March 2, 2007

Willy warmer any one

I have to add that I have made a few Willy warmer/peter heaters/cock socks. One that I had knitted was in my bag at work and fell on the floor. I was in hysterics laughing and saying to my mate Steve beside me "I'm sorry it just popped out of the bag. It must have a mind of its own." I will have to try and knit another one to photograph and post fo you all to see. I may even be able to play the gag on Steve again when I see him next. I think they are fun things to knit and people have more fun buying them as a gift for those special male birthdays and in their favorite football team too.


sunneshine said...

Love it! I am sure that Steve's face was priceless!!

KatnZoey said...

hehehe ive never heard of such a thing.