Friday, January 2, 2009

Thank You special angel

This has been a long time in coming. My swap partner was a flake. She sent me nothing, never responded to emails and claimed the packages were on their way. Thanks to a special angel that was put on the case I received a fantastic parcel. I am sorry how long it has taken me to post a picture. With the holidays in full swing finding spare time at times was impossible. But I can't wait to try out my new drop spindle. Thanks again

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanks, Sunne!

When I got home from the Thanksgiving family week-long visit, guess what was waiting for me at the door? My prize! My prize! Not only did Sunne send me the yarn she promised, but a punky canvas bag and stitch markers!

What a lovely welcome home surprise!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

My box arrived!!

Themed with niceties from BC - Requiem spoiled me once again. There is the beautiful green yarn - one of my favorite colors - with a pattern attached to knit and felt. I am so excited to knit this up! Stitch markers for large needles - which would also work as lovely earrings, tea, and chocolates!! Thank you, thank you!! It is a cold and snowy day here today... I am enjoying the tea and chocolates right now... Thank you again, Kirsten!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Twilight-y themed godness!

My wonderful partner GirlyWithATwist (AKA AngelaMarie) sent me a Twilight themed package, to wrap up the swap with a bang! She sent two skeins of Cascade 220 in ruby red and black, along with THREE twilight themed patterns. I am currently working on the Bite Me scarf, but adapting it into a cowl, for instant gratification. I want to wear it in Chicago, which is where I am spending my Thanksgiving. She also included Rosalie and Eclipse socks. And, because she knows me so well, some delicious dark chocolate and a pocket Oregon calendar. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Angela!

Monday, November 17, 2008


I got it! I got it!

was soo happy when my package came on Saturday.

T sent me
a lovely calendar, Ned Kelly Soap which smells so good and has contaminated everything with sandal wood scent. ( totally not a bad thing!)

Some vegemite, peanut butter, and honey. I tried the vegemite, and it was different. It almost tasted like soy sauce made into a paste for me. Maltish, salty. It was yummy as suggested by T, on toast with butter.

And wool/alpaca blend yarn that is wonderful to touch, chocolaty, soft & squishy and is waiting to be ...........?

Thanks T!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thank You Arika- Again!

I received this lovely second package today from Arika. She had made sheep knitting needle tops which are just so cute, The yarn is dyed locally, very squishy and beautiful colours. You can't properly see the chocolate crochet hook dusted with real gold made by an artisan nearby to Arika's home or the white chocolate sheep also dusted with gold so I'm sorry for my terrible photography. You can see the card with a heron print on it, a lovely addition to the parcel.
Thank you Arika for a great parcel.

Contest Winners!!

Sorry, it has been a little delayed... But the contest winner is Life Junkie with the pattern sent to her by KnitKat! There are two skeins of Regia sock yarn for both of you - the brown is silk color and the blue is crazy color... You two decide who gets what, e-mail me and I will send your prize packs out...

Thank you everyone for playing!! There were a lot of great songs and really interesting patterns.

It looks like most packages have been received - if you don't have your package, aren't sure its in the mail and haven't heard from your pal, please let me know. We have had a few angels step into this exchange already... If we need more, I would like to know soon! Also, if you have received your package - please post it. I will follow up on this more next week.

Thanks for playing!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Very late thanks

Here at long last is a picture of my second package from Rhoda. I honestly can't remember when it got here as I have been pretty distracted lately. Most of ya'll don't know that my husband recently suffered from a mild heart attack. This was on the 2nd of the month. He is at home recuperating quite nicely. As a result of this, I am way behind on my emails. The package was greatly appreciated. The two boys loved the little dinosaur. I haven't shown them the Thomas whistle yet as it no doubt will start a screaming battle between the two. I love the yarn and the book. Thankfully it is one that I didn't have. So thank you dear pal for your very sweet package and please accept my apologies for not posting the thanks in a more timely manner.

Thanks Kat!

I got the nicest box full of things to relax with..tea, a togo mug!,


an awesome assortment of tea,

playdoh quickly accosted by Osky and provided me with TEN WHOLE minutes to enjoy some tea,

lovely soap ( i love the ginger!), two kinds of yarn - one fun fuzzy and one socks away!!!!!!!!!..So nice.
Thanks gurl..;)
This last one is just nice.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Landed in the land Down Under

My Parcel arrived and packed full of goodies from our Hostess with the Mostess Sunne. I now have yarn to play with that I dont have access to here SWS and Venezia. I have the most awesome needle holder and a little book of knitting as well as a cute little journal. A great enviro bag and some stitch markers with cute little pirate dogs.

Boss was spoilt as well with 2 new toys. He loves them and thinks Sunne is the best spoiler.
Thank you Sunne.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Hi All - I am on my way out of town unexpectedly - so the contest winners will be announced on the night of the 11th. I am so impressed with the entries - and all the packages being received...
Have a great weekend!! And thanks for playing...

shame on me!

Hi all!
I completely forgot to post to the blog about the fantastic package I received from Ms. KikiBowns! She sent me a lil bag of green and black dark chocolate (who knew you could have a lil morsel of dark chocolate courtesy of them??), a Pinocchio tape measure, a sample of soak in flora, 2 skeins of kp gloss for a pair of super cool mitts, a tin of knitted gift tags, and the best part of all, a cool lil clutch! :) Thanks again, Nicolle!! I love everything. :)

Package received

I got my package from Life Junkie on Thursday, which made it an awesome day. I will post a proper blog entry with deets about all the goodies as soon as I get a chance. Most likely this weekend. Happy knitting everyone!!

I love packages!!!!

My package from Dawn arrived Thursday but I'm just now getting to post it. Dawn is such a talented, creative person so I feel very lucky to have been matched with her! Let me tell you about the goodies I got!

  • DPN's
  • A tiny treasure box
  • Pom Pom maker
  • Tape measure
  • Marzipan Chocolate which my kids watched me eat with puppy dog eyes
  • Fun magnets
  • Face oil made by Dawn that smells so good!
  • One skein of Rowan felted tweed
  • Three skeins of Lion Brand wool in lovely lemongrass (can anyone recommend a good pattern for a cabled bag for this?)
  • Turkey with a hand knit scarf by Dawn

Thank you, Dawn! You're the best!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Last minute contest entery

So sorry for my late entery. I have been taken down by this cold and flu season AGAIN. Can't believe it my self. Sick twice in the matter of a month and a bit. Oh well, hopefully this is it for a while.

I sent my partner some Koigu and she picked this pattern to go with it. I think the perfect song to fit this pattern is by Liz Phair called W.H.C.

late contest entry

I got some red angora for Requiem and she wants to combine it with black yarn to make a pair of these.

The look of the gloves and her color choice will make this a rather gothic project, that's why I decided for this song. It is called Eisblumen and from one of my favorite German bands Subway to Sally. As the song is in German, I tried to translate the lyrics for you - I hope it makes sense, it's really hard to translate lyrics.

Ice flowers

The day is quickly fleeing town, which is getting it's fill of the shadows,
it's showing its true face, the puddles are glimmering like ice.
A silvery stripe is gleaming in the sky, the evening transforms the thaw to frost.
The pale skin of of our cheeks makes us beautiful like angels,
they should fall to their knees and pray that the moon will stay hidden behind clouds.

We are like ice flowers, we bloom during the night, we are like ice flowers, way to beautiful for the day, we are like ice flowers, cold and black is our night, ice flowers bloom during the night.

Morning melts frost to thaw, the day makes everything shrill and harsh,
we cloak ourselves in sadness, but the day will go and our time.
Those who want to glow are fleeing from the light, are looking into the face of the night.
The pale skin of of our cheeks makes us beautiful like angels,
they will fall to their knees and pray that the moon will stay hidden behind clouds.

We are like ice flowers, we bloom during the night, we are like ice flowers, way to beautiful for the day, we are like ice flowers, cold and black is our night, ice flowers bloom during the night.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Package Received, Check!

Shannon is the bomb! she treated me right this whole exchange. Love her!
  • Noro yarn (my favorite)
  • a cool mini craft organize (need that)
  • a wild Christmas ornament for my tree
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee!!!
  • "tag" stamps
  • iron on studs

Gonna be havin' some kinda fun at my house. Thanks Shannon for being such a great PRGE Pal!!

Much Love~


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I got my package!!!

Yea!!!! I got my package!!!! I loved it!!! I got some wonderful Egyptian cotton yarn, glow sticks, NYC postcards, skull charm, labels that say "hand made by", yummy chocolate and cool magnetic board that helps you hold your place while charting!!! I have been doing a lot of color work lately, so that will be GREAT!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Awesome Package

HI Everyone! I got my second package from Imen Stitches on Saturday. She really packed a lot in. And she wrapped everything separately, it was like Christmas. There is some yummy "Limbo Mexiko" yarn, which is German. A pattern for fingerless mitts to go with it. A book, Knit Wit 30 Easy and hip projects. And a bunch of little goodies- Chocolate, post-it arrows, a little sketch book, a wood bead necklace kit (made it last night), A wonder woman wallet, cds, handiwipes, and a reed diffuser. I think thats it. Deb was a great spoiler and who ever gets her next time will really enjoy their packages. Thanks Deb!!!!!


Okay, so Carly sent me the Floopy Hat pattern from Ravelry. This one was very difficult. I found a song called Floppy Hat by Allan Holdsworth, but I couldn't find a link. Then I thought the hat looks like a funnel and Switchblade Symphony has a song called Funnel, but I couldn't find a link to that song either. So here is is my song. Therapy by Switchblade Symphony. Which is what I might need after this contest!!