Thursday, March 15, 2007

Package #1 - Yipee

My pal really out-did herself - really. I absolutely love all of it & seriously - love it all. The yarn is this gorgeous nylon purple/olive/brown/pink colorway. I really love the colors. I was eyeing some yarn in this colorway about an hour ago at my LYS (close-up of yarn). And the stitchmarkers are wonderful, the notecards are amazing (close-up of all notecards), the gum is my favorite & that photo album you see in the background, my pall already customized it for me!

Thank you!!
- Kate

P.S. Did I mention I love it all?



That's awesome! I love those cute little packing envelopes. They just look so cool. :)

LesleyD said...

Too cool!!!

sunneshine said...

wow, the bar is being set high!! What a great package!!