Thursday, March 15, 2007

My punkest knit

I would call my skully dishrag (above) my punkest knit ever for a few reasons...

1) It has a skull. Skulls and punk go hand-in-hand.

2) It was my first intarsia project, which, in true punk style, I did not look up any directions for...I just tried it (which explains a lot about why it look kinda wonky).

3)It looks wonky and I don't care. In fact, now that I've used it a few times, it looks rather distressed and some of the stitches came out (that's what happens when you try to do intarsia without help) but it gives it a distressed punk look. I like it. :-)


sunneshine said...

oh, I love this dishcloth - I remember it from prk!!

DAWN said...

It is true punk come to life. Love the distressed look about it, as well. A black dishcloth, what could be more perfect? (well, not doing the dishes, but. . .)