Friday, March 30, 2007

My Package...

I got my package today!!! This is my first exchange and I was more excited than I thought I would be!!! First of all, everything was wrapped in black... and my kids had to be in the picture!!!

Then I opened it and I got GREAT gifts!!! I got flower stitch markers ( don't know if she made them), 4 skeins of purple Sugar'n cream yarn, 2 skeins of black and white cotton superwash, patterns for spa and bath, pattern for cool gloves, candy, needles... Did I mention all of it??? Thanks PRGE pal--- you are the greatest and made my day!!!!


Cheryl said...

Is that a double pointed needle holder? I have one they are great!!! Nice stash, really sweet children


Kids must always be in photos. lol :D It's a law I think?

Great gifts! Just awesome!!