Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Thank you to my PRGE pal

A lovely surprise in the post today, my PRGE secret pal was really quick off the mark considering it's international mail, and here we have the makings of a new pair of socks (Regia ringel, great blue/browns/gray for my DH), a very timely T-shirt with a knitterly slogan, perfect for my very new exercise ... umph, attempt, I cannot call it a regime yet, I am starting off very slow and gentle 20 mins 3 times a week, and a resin skull and cross bones ring ... very punkish. Thank you secret pal, I know DH's going to love these socks.


sunneshine said...

How exciting - packages are already arriving!! And it sounds like a great box!!


Yay! That sounds like a great package. :)

LesleyD said...

Sounds awesome!!