Friday, March 2, 2007


Thanks to Kitty for reminding me to ask for buttons. I know some of you girls are super creative - if anyone would like to submit buttons for the exchange, please do!! Writing html and creating buttons/logos are something that I cannot do. Hopefully, we will have buttons for all soon!!


KatnZoey said...

oh hell yea. shadkitty does some kitty cool buttons. if only i can figure out hot ot put them on my blog. i have both or hers saved onto my computer , but i need to know hot wo work them lol. i will get them goin as soon as i can. thankx shadkitty whoo hoo!

KatnZoey said...

o geez, im sorry, i was a little drunk last night, it was troys day off, i dont even remember writing that last comment last night.