Friday, March 2, 2007

Punk in Pink :)

The most punk thing I've ever knit (sorry, no pictures - stupid camera!) is actually still in progress. I'm making a white-background baby blanket for no one in particular, with the skull pattern from here done in alternating pink and purple stripes. It's all in horribly fuzzy Baby Clouds yarn, but it looks effing awesome! :)


sunneshine said...

I always love it when someone takes a pattern and alters it to their wants!! Hopefully the camera will cooperate when its totally finished!

KatnZoey said...

o cool cant wait to see it :) babies are so cute with skulls. hehe

roxtarchic said...

i'm all for the jolly roger gracing some baby gear! i think it's so cool to have something so "punk" on something so "cute" (like a baby blanket)!