Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My SP Gets an A++++!

I almost hate to tell you guys what I got today from my SP because you are going to be so envious. :)

Isis was very excited about the strange box because it smelled of exotic places.

There is a big fluffy ball of Savanna, an alpaca/linen/wool/nylon blend. The color is more rose than in the pic. You can also see the passion fruit & melon sachet (which made the whole box smell so yummy), a pair of red (I love red!) folding scissors, a big pink tin of lip balm, and some wonderful fuzzy socks.

Isis and I were both particularly taken with the fuzzy socks. There was also a fabulous purple crocheted hat, which looks uncannily like the one I have on in this photo:

Said hat came in very handy today as I had to rush out to take Mr. O'Kitten to the hospital and had a really crazy mop of a hair day. As we were running out of the house, I noticed a package on the doorstep--from my SP! He'll be in the hopsital for a few days and there really was nothing better than this package to brighten what was otherwise a long and grueling afternoon and evening. (Oh, and I wore the lovely crochet cap for the entire day.)

Three skeins of Sirdar cotton indigo. Gorgeous. A pair of 100 cm/4 mm Addis (how did she know I've wanted to try Addis for the longest time?). A citrus shampoo, body wash and soap; a candy can of apple "novelty sherbet" (hmmm!) and a heart-shaped lollypop; a fun pair of heart-shaped earrings; and finally a lovely hand-made card with adorable pink stiletto heels, sequins and rhinestones on it.

I swear, I couldn't have gotten this box full of PRGE goodness on a better day. My pal is a goddess! Thank you, SP!



Mmm alpaca and Sirdar?! That's fabulous. :) Great gifties, though I still think my gifts were awesomer (which is not a word)! hehehe

sunneshine said...

I had a hat like that as a kid - but instead of a poncho, it was a matching purse, and boy did I think it was cool!!

Love the gifts - especially the socks! Very punk!!