Saturday, March 31, 2007

This is mine, all mine

I got a terrific package from my PRGE Pal!!! SO exciting!! There is a chocolate Bunny(boy does that bring back memories), a stuffed Bunny, may go right into my Beetle, the most gorgeous Crane stationary, intersting because I just bought crane fabric to line a bag for another swap I am in. There is two packages of Ghiardelli COFFEE!!! The most scrumptious flavors(as soon as I get home from work in the morning, I am setting me up in my knitting chair with the coffee. a lovely note and a sock kit. The pattern is very interesting, the yarn is a phenomnal colorway of blues and greens(Green rules!!) and 2 yes TWO sets of dpns. One is a very retro plastic set of 6....SIX!!! (I so love retro needles, I oft buy the most warped I can find as I know they have been used with love)and the other is a glorious shorter set of bamboo.

My pal Rules!!!

Thank you thank you thank you


sunneshine said...

Fearless Fibers is one of my favorite yarns!! What a great box!!


Mmm Fearless Fibers! Let me know how you like those plastic ones, I bought some in purple. But I hate them. They are a little TOO flexible. I can hardly get the needle in the stitches!

Cheryl said...

I have never used the Fearless Fibers, it is a grand color though. I adore plastic dpns...I have been knitting a very long time and that was all that was availale in the beginniing...heehee