Thursday, March 1, 2007

punk-est thing is always made with beer and music (for me at least) :)

of course it was made while listening to music and drinking beer ( probably a cheap 40 oz of olde english) whoo hoo!! it was one of the first hats i ever knitted. it was on straight needles. i have circular and dpns now whoo hoo! much nicer. it was for my bf. he still wears it. even tho it wasnt the best, he still loves it.

i dont know what to say punk is anymore, but i do have to say that i love guys and girls with mohawks. i love funky colored hair. i luv "punk" music. i have always loved my punk friends. i luv the outfits classified as punk, i luv boots, i love eyeliner, i love goin to a show where everyone in the crowd might not look like u but were all there for the same reason, i luv happinesse, i luv freedom. i luv sitting next to my computer as the music is up and im knitting away on something and reading a blog. its the little things in life that can really make me happy. i dont know what punk has been labeled, but as far as my experience is, we luv each other, we luv to have a good time, we love to express our ways in a manner that we find fit for ourselves. we luv to make people happy, and luv to be happy. (but i dont like those mean lookin punks who think they are better than anyone else, after all, we are better than no one and no one is better than us. )


GrrLeigh said...

a very nicely put definition.

punk is what you make it.

sunneshine said...

Isn't it cool that it means something different to everyone, and everyone is right. I think the hat is awesome, and isn't it great to give a gift and have it be really appreciated!!