Thursday, March 29, 2007

Scarlett's Punk Pal Rawks!!

WOW! My Punk Pal is fantabulous!!

There's no sun today, so the pic doesn't do the prezzies justice. I got: 350 yards (!) of beautiful pink alpaca, fingering weight, from Illusion Ranch Alpacas; size 2 bamboo DPNs; a big bag of pink and black M'n'Ms (one of my favorite candies); and a freaking adorable bandanna with cupcakes ... but the cherries on the cupcakes are itty-bitty skulls! Here is a closeup of the yarn and the bandana:

THANK YOU SO MUCH, PUNK PAL!!!! I especially love the overall black-and-pink color scheme. ;-) You rule the school.

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LesleyD said...

OOO great package!!!

Shannon H. said...

I so love the pink alpaca!!! And the bandana totaly rocks!