Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Oh, inside voice.... Sign ups for the PRGE are now officially closed!! You will receive your pairing tonight, if you don't please let me know!! I am away from my computer all day tomorrow but will get back with you first thing friday!

Please remember that this is a SECRET GIFT EXCHANGE for the first two months. So please, contact your pal with your secret e-mail address and try not to give away who you are before they open their second box.

The first box needs to be received by your pal on or before the 1st of April. Please, please, please send it with delivery confirmation - if your box doesn't arrive on time and you can show that your box truely is taking a long time in transit, you won't be in trouble - otherwise, you will be. I don't want anyone listed under DEADBEATS, and I really don't want someone listed there who shouldn't be there. So please, mail your box on time (international pals need to think about this - longer postage times), and send it with a tracking number. The box value needs to be at least $15 a month, not including postage.

Finally, the BLOG IS OPEN! Feel free to post anything anytime (except negative remarks about other PRGEers). Anything that strikes you as punk or of interest to the other exchangers is welcome here! Please, if you enter the contests post your entry or a link to your entry on this blog. Also, when you receive your boxes from your pals, either post them here or post a link to where they are on your blog. We ended up with 32 PUNKS, so that is too many blogs to just search for everything!! But what a cool and diverse group we've got!!

ENOUGH RULES! I feel like my mom!
Lets have fun! Be creative! And be good to each other!

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