Monday, September 24, 2007

Spoiling the spoiler....

One of the PRGE-ers contacted me about spoiling the spoiler. She wanted to do something nice since her pal had been so good to her. She picked out some markers from my etsy shop and asked me to send them to the spoiler - since I could find out the identity and she does not yet know who the spoiler is. Very sneaky!!

The spoiler contacted me today and asked me to post the package that arrived at her house. So to Megan a HUGE thank you from your spoiler, who will be revealed soon. The markers were a hit!

( I think I got all the spoilers and spoilees right.... and still kept the secret...)

Happy Knitting and Spoiling!!

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meg(aphone) said...

YIPEE!! I'm so glad that the markers made it. I hope she loves them. I was shopping blindly.