Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Alchemic Dragon

I'm all about ads! I have an online shop: The Alchemic Dragon. I have lots of cool soap, and I tend to get a lot of orders for secret pal exchanges since they make great gifts. I can deliver directly to your pal, or send it on to you for your big box.

For 20% off your order, enter the code "SecretPal" in the cart!

I can also do custom orders too! Just in case you want a pink skull that smells like oranges or something ;)



Christine said...

Thank you Shannon!!! I wish my website weren't undergoing a massive overhaul so I could reciprocate. I think these soaps will make some awesome Xmas gifts too!

stella said...

VERY yummie soaps. Love em, love em.

knitdaisyknit said...

I love the little skull soaps!


OMG! Hooray! I love your soaps! My SP sent me some awhile back and they are so delicious. :)