Thursday, September 20, 2007

My contest entry

So the punkest thing on my needles are my schoolgirl knee socks - inspired by the Toe Up sock tutorial in the Summer IK. The one that is finished fits amazing and of course I didn't write anything down, or really pay tons of attention when I was knitting it. So now I am counting lots of rows... I am even using my little skull sock markers...

For upcoming punk, I just finished writing my skull christmas stocking. I am really excited to try out the pattern - even though mr.sunneshine said it could not be my "real" stocking. And at the same time I wrote a Hanukah stocking - which I also find to be quite punk. Both will be cast on by the end of the weekend!

Happy Knitting!!

1 comment:

DAWN said...

Love the colorway on those stockings! and those charts are looking good, too. I think I see crossbones.