Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hi Again!

Yeah, I love this swap. The more focused group is better for finding a perfect match! I'm still in touch with both my pals from the last swap. It was loads of fun!

For those who don't know me, I'm Shadkitty, I lurk on tons of blogs and love knitting and knitters. You'll eventually find out my real name, I don't really try to hide it, I just don't much like it. Um, I'm punk because I am. My music/clothing/lifestyle shows up in my knitting a lot. When I knit a pattern, I always do my best to make it my very own.

I'm not weird (okay, I am), I'm quirky. Now I am confused about the point of this and feel self absorbed (anyone else notice how often "I" has shown up in this post?). So, have pictures! YAYYYYY!

thelonious 3 KLS Halter 6 Booties in action

1 comment:

sunneshine said...

Love, love, love the pink and black socks! You are such an inspiration with all those socks!! And Nolan (?) with the booties on is tooooo cute!