Wednesday, September 5, 2007

G'day from the land Down Under

G'day from the metalhead of down under she who is often called the ice queen by her friends. I have a bad habit of trying things out and they often work. Tried Creative knitting and got the clothesline tea cosy which has a winter side on my blog and has had 1st in numerous shows. Unfortuantly this was stolen last week.

I do things like going to museums when in new places like my trip to Melbourne for work and they say go shopping I went to the Old Melbourne Gaol to see where Ned Kelly was hung.

I even knit crazy things like the Estonian Garden scarf in not just lace weight but soysilk infinity.

I love my knitting, my music and even my feed and tea. But find me a trip where I can have them all I am happy. I am even off to a State wide knitting camp in a few weeks.

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sunneshine said...

That Estonian Garden scarf is amazing! Welcome back to PRGE!!