Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Howdy PRGE-ers :P

"Hello, my name is Mel and I'm a fiber addict."

*Hello, Mel*

Besides knitting, I spin, weave a bit, make jewelry, sew and do general crafty stuff. Amazingly, I'm in my mid-30's...I just act like I'm 12 most days. I'm an Office Manager (Office Goddess, my business cards say...it's fun when you're in charge of ordering the businss cards :P) at a Tech Company in California.

Currently, I'm making a pair of kick-ass loafer slippers for my partner and I'm excited about them, so you'll have to bear through a picture or two :D As I was knitting them, she dubbed them "foot canoes," so...without further ado, my Foot Canoes :D

This bag is the project I'm most proud of at this time. As me again tomorrow and it might be something different. *shrug*

It was my first attempt at cables and it was for a swap. I like swaps. A lot.
"Hello, my name's Mel and I'm a swap addict" :D


Laane said...


Thanks for visiting my blog.

I love them both!

The loafers are marvelous!
Maybe I should start making them too. I always wear flipflops in the winter, but the last years it's colder.

sunneshine said...

Hello Mel, Welcome to PRGE - you are amoung fiber junkie friends! Love the cable bag!! And are you going to felt to "foot canoes"? I can't see the scale - the colors are great though...



A 30-something femme createrix said...

sunneshine - no, they're not felted foot canoes :) They're knit with two strands and then worn as-is :) they're supposed to be made with malabrigio, but my partner wanted them washable so i subbed in Vanna's Choice yarn. Horribly silly name, but surprisingly lovely acrylic yarn ;)