Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Punk Knits Contest

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OK - So here is my contest entry. I really don't have much on the needles right now, let alone something punk. I've been feverishly knitting on my so-called-scarf for the red scarf project deadline. (that is the slowest moving stitch pattern EVER!) I guess the 'punkest' thing would have to be my halter top in the 'no one can tell me what to do' way, since I'm making up the pattern myself. It's also planned to be worn under my suit. .. so when I have to be corporate I can still be wearing a halter top and no bra and no one will know :) Unfortunately, I've lost momentum when I got thru the first skein and haven't picked it up in a month or so, but this is the latest picture

Also, If anyone is interested, I'm running a contest on my blog. The prize is the materials to make the Best Friends Bag from Knitty :)

Looking forward to seeing everyone's packages!!

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