Monday, September 3, 2007


Howdy folks :) I was in the prgemini swap but I thought I would say hi! i'm megi. this month is kinda crazy for me im getting hitched so i had to work ahead on the shopping! if my pal doesn't like these sorts of things...alas i will just HAVE to keep them for me.... oh darn ;) wedding pressent to self [actually I got one...a threadless subscription]

I have no expierence with blogger and I am a total html programing shitface so I have no idea how to put pictures in blogger :P [flickr has this nice lil post to blog feature I use] I am working on the cutest little yellow, grey, hot pink thermal knit hoodie sweater right now so I will have to figure out how to post a picture of it when I'm done :) hopefully it will not look too teenagery punk looking...i'm hopeing the colours might counteract that suddently thermal knit and short sleeve hoodies are EVERYWHERE! [well they will not be cutely handknit like mine! mwahahahaha!

any recomendations as to where to find really awesome buttons?


sunneshine said...

Welcome Megi! I can't wait to see your sweatshirt - you make such beautiful sweaters!! Of late, I have been finding good buttons on etsy - search vintage buttons or just buttons (depending on how much time you have!)

Christine said...

"hopefully it will not look too teenagery" - LOL!!! My supervisor (who is only a couple years older than me) recently asked me, "When are we too old to wear tattooed looking hoodies?" We both decided that we ultimately don't care how it looks...if we think it's cool, it IS cool. ha ha ha! Can't wait to see pictures of yours!

knitdaisyknit said...

Hi! Congrats on the getting hitched. Your sweater sounds fabulous. An easy way to post a picture using Flickr is to go to the button above the pic you want that says all sizes, then on the next page choose the size you want, then below the picture there is a little box with a bunch of html stuff in it and says copy and paste, copy that and paste it directly into blogger where you want the picture, and it's done! I hope that made a little bit of sense!

Anonymous said...

oh good idea knitdaisy! thanks!