Thursday, September 27, 2007

contest entry...or shameful display!

I'm not sure this is punk at might be like antipunk...but for a punk to make something faux punk...thats punk :) Anyways, I really wanted some of those short sleeve hoodie things. I saw them in marshalls, wanted one, was cheap, and then wished I bought one. So instead I knit one! I know it is terribly hottopicbrat of me but I wanted one so :P. [of course before I finished this I went back to marshalls for wedding shit and found the short sleeve hoodies were like 5 bucks and so I bought two....] but anyways this is pretty cute and I like it :)

a clever ipod pocket
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humblebee front
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and it's almost WINTER!!! I can wear sweaters!!!!



You just confused the crap outta me with all of that punk/or not talk. Who cares? It's cute and you like it, right? That's all that matters. I think it rocks. :D

sunneshine said...

It rocks!! And I really love the ipod pocket...