Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Some things Rock, some don't...

Wow, what an amazing bunch you all are - every single person had the questionnaire posted on their blog on time!! Thank you all!! I am running a little late with posting the matches, you will have them by tomorrow morning at the latest!

Remember that this is a secret swap for the first half, so please contact your pal using your secret e-mail, don't tell them who you are, and have fun spoiling them!

In the things that don't rock, we do have a deadbeat from the mini exchange. I am so bummed, but at least there is an angel to step in and treat her pal. Jenn from Morbidknits, accepted a package from her pal and never sent one. I am sure there are a million reasons, but the bottom line is that she has not responded for three weeks and not box was ever received. Lets make sure this never happens again - and please keep this swap positive - no pal bashing, no negative comments - Its been too good in the past to get weighed down with the negative!

Back to the introductions, the pal matching and the spoiling!
Thanks for playing!!


A 30-something femme createrix said...


I wanted to post my intorduction, but I can't seem to find the email telling me how to add this blog to my dashboard so I can post here...could you pretty please with a cherry on top please re-send to me? I would be eternally grateful :)


Who was the angel?

sunneshine said...

I re-sent your invite - if it still doesn't show up, let me know and I will try again! Thanks!!