Monday, April 30, 2007

Thank You Spinalcat!!

Thank you, Amy aka Spinalcat aka Una (I was the other Una, so when she picked her name, I did get a good laugh!!)

I got an awesome package today!! There was Tofu sock yarn, which I have been eyeing online - but none of my local stores carry it. It is a beautiful purple/blue/green colorway, the socks that come out of this will definately be for me! There are some suggested sock patterns, which is great, since I am new to socks. A set of magnets that she made - they were left out of the original photo since they were already being used!! And a huge box of pecans - there are candied, chocolate covered and plain. Which means that Spinalcat will also be loved by mr.sunneshine, since nuts are his favorite, too!! Finally, I had to show you the notation on the box of nuts - too cute!!

Thanks again, Spinalcat!!



TOFUtsies?? I bought some awhile back and forgot to photograph/post it on my blog. lol You need 2 balls for a pair of socks I think. Otherwise...I got gipped.

sunneshine said...

The patterns that I have are for one skein - it is almost 500 yards. I have already started the tidal wave socks, so I'll let ya know...