Thursday, April 19, 2007

Package Dos!

Today I got my second PRGE package! I feel good.Inside Package dos First, I'll let you all in on the secret of who my pal is! None other than the hostess herself, Sunne. Thanks Sunne, you've been fantastic so far, and the whole exchange has been running smoothly it seems. Ky was very excited about this whole thing, he was dancing around the table singing "whatcha got, watcha got, watcha got?!" What a haul! Handpainted Tussah Silk, a smidgen of purple merino, DPNs from size 1US - 6US, a needlecase, handmade soap, scissors, a catnip toy, a cute necklace and a little metal heart. The little metal heart made me think of this worry stone my mother used to have. Forgive the crappy pictures, as you remember, my camera died. *sniffle* I think I have a set of each of the DPNs, well except for the 4s and 5s, but you all know how rough I am on those! lol They will definitely come in handy.

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