Monday, April 9, 2007

Blogging is hard - thank goodness for my secret pal!

I've been slow in getting my thanks posted to my secret pal (as I haven't been able to log onto my knitting blog for a week! Damn you, Blogger!!!!!) but she rocks!


I got a great package last month (it got through customs and everything!) It included:
a lovely skein of deep purple alpaca/silk and a book on one-skein knitting projects, a cute little card, notebooks for my knitting notes and some very useful knitting gear (dpns and large-eyed needles).
Just the thing for a beginning knitter - which I am less in denial about being than I was one month ago, just before I melted my first completed scarf by forgetting it was 50% acrylic and trying to block it with an steam iron - heh, heh (choke). Don't worry honey, that scarf will just take a little longer to be done than I had thought . . .

I guess, as I'm having such blogging problems as somehow losing my blog off of my dashboard, I should admit that I'm a beginning blogger, too, huh? Can I say that I hate being a public beginner?! It's the one time that, as an adult, I act like I'm in still high school - all insecure and uptight and moody and defensive. Poor me.

And, poor secret pal! She's been so, so lovely with wonderful notes to me and questions (like she's really interested and stuff!) - I like her. Thanks, and a friendly hug to you all.

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