Monday, April 16, 2007

Congrats to Cheryl

Congrats to Cheryl from KnittingKnut for winning the 2nd prge contest!! Here is a picture of the prize that will go out to her today! There are two skeins of Atacama alpaca in a very punk black and grey colorway, a set of row counters from my etsy store and a very punk (knitting) tote!!

Thanks to everyone who entered!! The next contest is Best Pal - so don't forget to keep in touch with your pals and get those second boxes sent and posted by May 5th... I am not sure how many best pal prizes will be awarded but there will be a couple at least.... Haven't figured out if there will be a panel of judges reading the entries or another hat drawing, so let me know what you'd like...

Happy Knitting!!


Cheryl said...

ME??!!! I WON??!!!??? Oh boy, I won!!!! I am so excited!! Thank you thank you!!! I don't know what else to say but thank you so very much!!!!!


Congrats Cheryl!!

I think that there should definitely be voting for this last one. Maybe involve some of the PRK peeps who aren't participating in the exchange? It'd have to be someone from outside the exchange though. Most people will be partial to their pals.