Thursday, April 5, 2007

PRGE Package #1: Arrived and Loved!

PRGE Package #1
Originally uploaded by NutScraps.
My package actually arrived a few days ago... look at all of this wonderful stuff! To aid in my first attempt at knitting socks, my Buddy sent two wonderful magenta and blue skeins of the softest sock yarn that I've felt. I wound a ball and had to get them on some needles that night! I also received the "domiknitrix" book that I've been so tempted to purchase (thank goodness I didn't), a great Betty Boop bag (which happens to be the perfect size for my WIP socks), three different 'flavors' of body butter from Bath & Body (which I love, love, love), a super cute notebook and (although not pictured) a wonderful rope toy for my dear, Golden Retriever, Lucy (she had it out of the box and was going to town immediately!).

Thank you, PRGE Buddy! You rock!


KatnZoey said...

wow, that is an awesome gift.

sunneshine said...

Yippee!! Your pal found you with your gifties!! And what fun they are!