Thursday, April 5, 2007

Second Contest!!

Hello Punks!!
Once again, checking in to see if everyone is having fun yet? Some great boxes being passed around - its always fun to see what people give and get!! I do have a couple people that have not posted boxes - does that mean that you didn't recieve a box, or just that it hasn't made it to PRGE yet? You all will be getting an e-mail from me today trying to get this sorted out...

Okay, so I know you are all waiting with baited breath...The Second Contest is... Take a piece of the first package that you received from your punk pal and PUNK IT UP, then photograph it and explain. I know a lot of you have knit with the yarn/patterns sent by your pals, so if you would like to show off what you knit in some punk way, creatively display your stitch markers, do something creative with yarn that you were sent, there are a million options!! So go for it - have fun - and remember that this is a good way to thank your pal just a little more for spoiling you....

And of course, we can't have a contest without prizes!! So, once again everyone who enters will have their name placed in a hat and the winner will be drawn from the Shriner's Jeep Patrol Hat. The contest closes on the 12th of April with the drawing on Friday, April 13th! Very punk day! The prizes have yet to be determined - I know that there will be yarn, stitch markers and a tote, just like last time, I just haven't gotten it all together for a photo!! Soon, I promise!!

If anyone has any comments or feedback, please let me know!!
Have a great weekend!!



A couple questions, would you like/mind some donations for the prizes? I have a few. And, are we allowed to drop a few clues as to who we are to our pal, to see if they can guess before the next shipment arrives? Or should we just keep it a flat out secret until then.

sunneshine said...

I would love some donations for prizes for the contests - if you are interested e-mail me and I will send you my address and post your donations before awarding them to the lucky recipient, thanks!

As far as giving hints, I think that is up to each pal. If you want to give hints, that's great - if you want to just stay secret until your box ships, great - whatever makes it the most fun for you!

Cheryl said...

Has the contest drawing happened yet?