Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Song Contest Winner is...

The Jeep Patrol hat came out this evening with all the contest entrants names... And the winner is - Metal and Knit and her pal (which I am not giving away, since she does not appear to have gotten her box yet). Thanks everyone for playing! If Metal and Knit and her pal would both contact me - there are matching prize packs with the Rio Del Plata Sock yarn - 430 yards!! Shown above and a few other goodies and let me know which color you would like - both are darker then they appear in the photos - the orange being much more rusty and the brownish appearing much more black/dark navy. I hope that you are all having fun!!

I will post the next contest around the 11th of October. It will also be a pal paired contest - two players, two winners and less complicated then the second contest last round.

I have not gotten an PRGE e-mails in a bit, so it sounds like everyone is playing nice!! And the boxes that are arriving are rockin!!
Thanks for playing!!