Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Contest Picks:

Uh. Also the Genius is kinda made of awesome. That wouldn't be me..silly. It would be the new itunes thingamajig.
So...on to business:
This was surprisingly difficult. But then if it wasn't would it be fun?

Baby Got Back : This would be knit Dr. Who backside, thankyouverymuch

Hip Hop Horray

because wouldnt you be singing that if the Tardis showed up ON YOUR STREET!!!
i would be in GEEK HEAVEN


it is a knit jump rope cause i couldn't find a knit bong anywhere.
jeez. I KID!! IT IS A JOKE..

yup ... now to study derivatives...whoeee fun fun


sunneshine said...

oh, fun!! I love the jump rope! And poor Jimmy looks like someone is going to be stopping him on the way to school to steal his lunch money... I love this contest!!

Anonymous said...

It never dawned on me to make a knitted jump rope...that's smarts!

Selana said...

I love your choices, probably because I'm totally in love with DW ;-)