Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Song Contest Entry

My Pal sent me some really interesting songs! It was definately a challenge to find some patterns to go along with them, so hopefully I have done them (and my Pal) justice!

1) Depeche Mode - People are People
This one was tricky, so here's something fun to keep you PEOPLE warm this winter!

2) Apocalyptica - I'm not Jesus
Here's the Apocalypse Tree Hoody

3) James Marsters - Smile
Because he was in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, (and because I, along with all the kids at my school LOVE the Twilight Series) I went with these Twilight Cover Socks



Anonymous said...

Oh, I love Ysolda. and Depeche Mode, brings back memories of freshman year in HS.

sunneshine said...

What cool patterns for your songs... I really love the tree hoody - hmmm, this contest is adding WAY too much to my ravelry queue

metal and knit said...

I love the Twilight socks and was actually at work with a few other Twilight series reading buddys when I saw the pattern. I want a vest with that on for when the movie comes out.