Thursday, September 4, 2008

Here's my latest project

So, I don't blog. I don't journal or scrapbook, 'cause I suck at it. I have all of my photos in various boxes, bags, and envelopes. I'm terrible at letter writing. But here I am, giving it the old college try. I recently joined ravelry, and I am having a great time finding new projects and making new friends. Here is my latest project, the Wa na na na na na na na bat shawl. I'm having a blast knitting this one up, even though I f**cked up one of the bats slightly. I didn't frog it and redo because: 
1. I am terrible at frogging. I frog further that I need to go, lose my place, and end up with a bigger mess than with what I started.
2. It will be up against my back while I am wearing it, the light will not be shining through it so the bad spot won't be so noticeable. 
3. The friends I show it to won't care; they love me anyway.

Seriously, I so need cooler stitch markers, although I like the orange and black together. Very Halloween. Hope everyone is having a time shopping and being shopped for!

1 comment:

sunneshine said...

perfection is over-rated! Most mistakes are only apparent if you point them out. I love the blue...