Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fun with introductions!

Hi, I am sunneshine - I coordinate this swap. I really love doing it, I have met great folks doing this!! And my pals (both spoilers and spoilees) have been tops! This is my fourth swap that I have coordinated after taking over the reigns from the founders - Sage and Rachel. I am so glad to see everyone here - lots of new faces from ravelry this time!

It looks like most everyone has said hello - somewhere I had a contest around this. So anyone who has not said hello, do so by tomorrow to be entered. Mr.sunneshine will pull out the honorary Shriner's hat and draw a name from everyone who entered. I have two skeins of Koigu RPPPM sock yarn in multi colors that I will send to the winner with some stitch markers. Results will be posted on Friday....

I have had several pals tell me that they were starting contact by snail mail - so give your pals a few days to contact you. But please, everyone contact your pals quickly! Let them know you care.... Also, keep ShannonAnn in your thoughts, she and her family in LA were bracing for the hurricane on Monday.

I will post the first real contest - that will require you and your partner play together - on Tuesday of next week. If you don't want to play, its alright, just let your pal know. The contest is scored as a team, so everyone has two chances to win if you play.

Post your questionnaire, if you have not already done so! Its great to see almost everyone has!!
Thanks for playing!

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