Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Its good to be home....

After a long week of travel its good to be home!

And what great contest entries!! Its fun to dream and to see what everyone else dreams of....
The winner of last week's mini-contest is: Selana!
E-mail me with your address and I will get your prize in the mail!
(Tianne, your prize went into the mail today!)

Now that boxes are being received, I am going to hold off on another contest. I know that my pal's box is going out tomorrow. So hopefully there will be lots of spoiling here soon!

And anyone who dressed up this year and would like to post your picture here (or your kids pictures), have at it!! I LOVE costumes!

Remember to keep talking to your pals and doing nice things for them!! And on an admin note - all final boxes are to be received by the 15th of November!!

Happy Halloween!!

1 comment:

Selana said...

wow, I won *dancing around excitedly*

I can't believe it, I almost never win anything....

I will send you my mailing adress tomorrow, I'm at work now and will leave for a wedding soon