Thursday, November 1, 2007

Parcel Arrived Thank you Christine

I got home after another long day at work to find my next parcel and after a rather busy start to the day sorting out yesterdays mail troubles of incorrect things on my order and a missing pattern to a kit I ordered at least today I only had to open things and see what I had. I have 2 skeins of either lace or sock weight yarn (I am not sure till I look a bit closer and swatch), some pirate tissues, a pirate patch and a Iron transfer that says rock n roll. I even have dark Lindt balls and a Pez as I have never had one before I took a while as to how to use it and even now im still a little puzzled and will have to look in the shops if there is more for me to try.

Despite Boss being a little tired He joins me in saying thankyou to Christine for the parcels and as we know Sunne is the best ear scratch giver he knows and she loves seeing him and we really have to thank Sunne for yet another great round of PRGE.

Sorry blogger wont post my pics I'll add them later. Hooray I got them there on Friday.

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Christine said...

You are very welcome Tianne. I am sad the Old Bay seasoning got confiscated...I should have mailed more potato chips instead!! Enjoy!!