Thursday, November 8, 2007

Woo Hoo!!!

First, my apologies to Knitting Knut for being late in posting this. I received my second package on Saturday night - and I had had such a long, tiring day - this was a huge, welcome ray of sunshine!

(I hope I am not breaking PRGE etiquette by posting several pictures but my box was so beautiful...I thought you would all love to see it.)

She packed so much goodness in the can see the cool purple/black yarn and in the back is a kit for lace up gauntlet gloves from Sugar Apple Creations. WICKED!!! See:

The color didn't come out too well in the photo but the yarn is like a cranberry-esque color and the ribbon is navy blue. She also included purple dpns, skull stitch markers and....

...a cool little notebook and coin purse! (That coin purse makes me GRIN every time I see it!)

What else was in this box? An army (really, an ARMY) of skeletons, a skull goblet, skull lollipops and a bag of Halloween candy. Finally, a black silk rose with purple glitter accents.

What can I say but that I am completely, absolutely spoiled rotten. Cheryl, you ROCK. No, you more than PUNK ROCK girl!!! I am trotting off to my blog to post more on there. In the meantime....THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making my first PRGE such a fun experience. Big hugs!!



Totally rockin!! If any of it disappears, it wasn't me. :D

kasiaiscarly said...

ooh. love the purple & black!