Sunday, November 18, 2007

2nd package came. Thank You, Thank You!

Like I said in my last post, I was very bad abut quickly displaying my swap packages. Time to give huge thanks to my PRGE (Punk Rock Gift Exchange) swap partner. This was my first PRGE and Sunneshine the moderator was my spoiler. Thank you seems so inadequate. You matched me up with a wonderful lady in the UK who as turned out to be a wonderful friend. This was supposed to be a half secret half open swap and I think I love the format because you have more contact with your upstream and downstream partners.

Once again you were really generous and you sent such special things. To really think about the giftee and think about what would make them happy is not an easy task. I really appreciate the effort to locate the hand dyed fibers and local flavor in your packages. You have raised the bar for me to try to do better next time.

This was locally dyed and hand spun alpaca hank made just for me. mmmmm Purple

Hand picked Chocolates that were from a local candy store.

Beautiful Lotus yarns hand dyed sock yarn in a muted grey purple.

Some themed stitch markers for the swap and even some pink Kitten Markers for Mrs. Twisted. She thanks you very much!
This was the whole booty haul. Some mind stimulating games and even a CD from a local music group. The Chocolates were absent because they were open and I forgot to include them but you seen them up close and personal.
I can't wait for the next PRGE.

Life is Good

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