Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Best Pal

So most of the second packages have been received. If you got your package but didn't post it here, please do so - or at least link us to where you did post your gushing Thank You!

I do have a few prizes donated for Best Pal, so I would like to open up nominations. I will keep them open till November 28th. There will be one Best Pal prize. Since it has been a little quiet around here - I will post the prize later this week. To nominate your pal, please e-mail me no more then 20 words on why your pal was the best. While creativity is appreciated and I will post all the submissions in one post, the best pal will be chosen by random drawing. Best pal gifties will go out on November 30th.

You all have been a great group! I will be running another PRGE in the spring - more about that later....

Thanks for Playing!!

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