Saturday, October 20, 2007

Favorite Tool

This is rough. My big projects bag is full of cow-patterend items. A DPN case, a needle roll, a notions bag, even stitch markers! But, my favorite is my cow tape measure. Originally, my SP (from SP 8 I believe) bought it for me. It tickled me soooo much!! Even after much abuse from children, and being chewed on by my cat, I still used it. Finally, the tail fell off, I taped it back on. Then, my oldest pulled too hard...and it refused to retract the tape measure. It was time to give it up.

I was so sad that I went online and hunted down another tape measure. Exactly like the first one. My notions bag is usually in my purse (my on the go knitting bag), and I love having that little cow buddy with me to measure whatever I need!

(I'll add pics later, apparently I don't have any good ones right now)

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