Friday, August 3, 2007

Thanks Jules!

Yay, despite the delay, I am quite happy with my package! Jules sent me some bamboo sock yarn (to feed my new sock addiction ;op), a Burts Bees gift bag with stuff to treat my hands with, some sock patterns (I was actually thinking of making a pair of Jaywalkers next!), dark chocolate covered altoids, a skull shaped soap on a rope, punk rock pins, and butterfly markers (which came in a tin that she covered with our PRGE mini button!). And all of it was wrapped up with a skull handkerchief. Very nice.

This was my first swap ever, and I am psyched to do another. I think I didn't quite understand exactly what sort of things I could include in my box, and now that I've seen everyone else's box, I think I am better prepared. :o) Thanks again Jules!

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