Sunday, August 12, 2007

Contest Goodies

Oh my gosh! I can't believe how much stuff you put into this Sunne! Thank you so much, I love getting packages, and it was filled with goodies. I got 4 balls of R2 Fuzzy Felt yarn in Black, 2 skeins of recycled cotton yarn (super cool! I love conservation and its neat to see it go into yarn now too. Especially in such a pretty manner, I am not super fond of the recycled silk, but this is beautiful!) Some handmade skull stitch markers by Sunne herself! And 2 handy
project bags. :o) I had to pack them all up right after I took the picture because I'm moving at the end of this week, but can't wait till I get there and get started on some new projects!

1 comment:

sunneshine said...

So glad that you enjoyed the package!!

Good luck on the move!!