Friday, August 3, 2007

It is here Karen - but just hanging out in the PO.

Oh jeez...I am so bad at this these days! I missed the first delivery attempt because? I dont know.
But the second time I missed it I have good reason - OSCAR HAD A FRAKKIN BUG IN HIS EAR. Seriously - I am al about all of this shizznit, but that? A BUG? FOUL beyond words....So I missed the second attempt. I had a rough night and missed the third attempt and knew I could go today to pick it up.
So I go to the local PO and whaddya know? NO PACAKGE.
It better be there tomorrow.
Me and the PO have some funky juju we gotta work out.


Karen said...

Well, it's not back here yet, so that's something...

*sigh* Let me know if it's not there, and I'll try to send some other stuff your way. *hugs* Hope everybody's doing better this week...

pseudobunny said...

went today and it is definitely MIA.
i am better this week.
but the PO has my number!
acka kack!
isnt that like homeland secutiry doing a background check on me? thats okay, they wont find anything. i am pretty booooring.
keep fingers crossed and pick some good cards for the package.