Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I feel like I should post just like everyone else, but I am sad because my package hasn't arrived yet. Oh not because of a bad pal, Jules sent me an email last Monday saying she sent it out that day. I am sad because of poor post office skills. I am extra worried that it got lost in the mail because right at the time it should have come our entire complex was closed down for fumigation!! And now it hasn't shown up. Please help! Send some good vibes and maybe the package will find its way here from all the good karma. Here's hoping it comes soon!

EDIT (08.02.2007) - Of course just when I think all is over, it arrives! Unfortunately, no one was here to get it, so I'll be waking up early to run to the post office before work tomorrow! :oD

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sunneshine said...

oh, I am so glad that it got there!! I can't wait to see what you got...