Thursday, August 16, 2007


Well, we are still finishing up a few straggling packages from PRGE(mini) but it is time to open sign-ups for the fall PRGE! If you get your PRGE(mini) package please post it on this site - just because we are moving forward doesn't mean that I am not watching for the last few packages to arrive...

There are some changes to PRGE for this round. Its not at all PUNK but essential to a good exchange - so all the rules are following. Sign ups close midnight Denver time on September 1st.

The total value of the swap boxes is $25 per box. I feel that when the limit was lower, most spent at least this. This is the value BEFORE postage. Know that if you ask for an international pal, your postage is on top of the value of the box. So the total value of the two boxes is $50.

This is a two box exchange. It is not okay to send one large box - two packages must be received by your pal. The first box must be received by October 1st, the second by November 15th. If you don't think you can have your boxes arrive by the deadlines, please don't play.

This is a half secret, half open exchange. You must have a secret e-mail to play. If your main e-mail is not referenced in your blog or blogger name, you can use that. The first box will be your reveal - the second box is just to spoil your new friend. You must contact your punk pal once a week (and hopefully more). There is a time commitment to being a pal, so if you don't have time to spare, wait till the next exchange.

You will be added to the prge site as an author. You are expected to post all your packages - or a link to them on this site, along with a thank you to your pal. You are also free to post anything else that you feel will be of interest to the group. There will be a listing of anyone who would like their prge/knitting/etsy shop listed and any discounts they would like to offer prge members. Please don't solicit business on this site (other then the listing).

Finally, I am strict on deadlines. So if you get an e-mail from me because you missed a deadline, don't get upset with me. I post all the dates clearly and upfront - if you don't want to follow the rules, this is not the swap for you. We do have a deadbeats list - I am not afraid to use it. If you have any problems or questions, feel free to contact me, most things can be worked out.

Enough rules. I am hoping to avoid problems by giving all the rules up front. On to the fun part - if you would like to join, please e-mail me at sunne (at) rmi (dot) net with the following information...

Blogger Name:
Blog Address:
Secret E-mail:
Main E-mail:
Do you smoke?
Do you have pets?
Do you have any allergies?
Would you like an international pal?
Is there anything else I should take into account when pairing you up?
Do you promise to be the best punk pal that you can be?
Do you give me permission to publicly flog you, not accept you into future exchanges and put your name on the deadbeats list if you don't complete your punk pal responsibilities, if you flake or are otherwise a deadbeat?

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