Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I love pam! or why I no longer fear swapping!

I knew I would love pam :) she has a long haired chihuahua and nooooooobody has those! [well lots of people besides she and I have them, obviously, but it is rare to find a chihuahua owner who's not a blonde celebuttant or a weird old lady...and even then they usually have short haired chihuahuas] I have had lots of recent bad swapping experience in the yarn swap-exchanges front lately before signing up for this swap and I was a lil more than bitter about it :P But GO PAM! My faith in swapping is totally renewed. I am ablogger noob so I don't know how to post pictures but if you go to my lj there will be a picture there within the hour.

Needless to say she went WAY above and beyond [I honestly think she probably spent double the minimum!]:
2 skeins caldo print bulky blue wool [yumy legwarmers to come]
2 skeins debbie bliss cashmerino aran in red [i think i am the last person to ever use this yarn so yaaaaay!]
1 skein of lama silk [already earmarked for a skirt i'm planning]
a cute lil pill box with knitting needles and red yarn on top which was also filled with skull stitch markers [wearing one on my hoop earring right now]
perhaps best, and most esoteric of all, a knitted henry rowlings doll! he's already hanging out on the sofa in my office...probably going through my dvd and cd collection and giving me a well needed dose of cynicism. [look uh...all those aren't mine...they're mister nathan's...yes even the jem dvds! honest!....hey i own johnny mneumonic that should win me brownie points!]

Thank you so much pam! I really do love you :)


Turtle said...

sounds like a fab package!

Obsidian Kitten said...

a knitted henry--how cool!

i'm so glad you had a good experience...prge totally rules. really.

Alison said...

What a cool package! And I agree this is the best swap (apart from the last PRGE which rocked!!)

Lick My Sticks said...

Yay, I so love you too! What a great swap.