Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wrap Up Post....

Sooo, it looks like its getting pretty quiet around here. Most of the boxes have been recieved or arrangements have been made. If anyone has any questions/problems please let me know. For those who have not received their last boxes, when you do, please post them here! We still want to see your goodies!! It has been great fun hosting this swap! I am so impressed with how good all of you were to your pals! And even if you choose not to do another prge swap, but you'd like to post items that you made from your swap gifts - feel free!!

If there is enough interest, I will hold a one month, not secret swap in July. Sign-ups will start on Friday (and the blog will be switched over for prge-mini). There will be another big PRGE with sign-ups in August, gifting in September to November. So if you are interested, check back!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated!! Hope to see you all again!!


Obsidian Kitten said...

this has been such a great swap--i had a great pal and a great pal-ee.

i'd love to do a little july swap, can't wait to hear more!

i just got my uber-excellent prize package, i can't wait to post pics--it's amaaaazing!


Cheryl said...

Thanks so much for hosting this swap. I will definitely be back in August, but in July I have to catch up on some knitting as I am currently involved in angel knitting. See you in August. This has truly been one of the most fun swaps ever.

DAWN said...

More swapping in the future!! Yay!!!!